Senior Citizen Session | In Loving Memory

The idea for a senior citizen session came after my grandparents passed away, and I realized I did not have a single picture of them the way I remember them – lounging on the front porch drinking a glass of iced tea, watching the hummingbirds flitter at the feeder. What I would give to have a photo of them to aid my often failing memory. In the photography world, this group in our society is often overlooked, and I don’t want others to be in the same situation I am now. The problem is that many people do not think to book sessions of the elders in their lives. So, I decided to do a giveaway to draw attention to them. I asked participants to nominate an elderly couple deserving of a photo session, and Laura and Leonard were the fortunate winners. A little over a year later, sweet Mrs. Laura left this world behind. I find solace in the fact that her family has these last photos of her and that the calling I felt came at such a fortuitous time. I know from the brief encounters I’ve had with those who knew her better than I, that she was well-loved and is dearly missed. Please do not wait until it is too late, like I did. You do not have to choose me to take them, but please get photos taken of those people in your life whom you cherish, young and old!

Fort Smith Photographer
In loving memory
senior citizen session
Elderly couple sitting on a bench in a park - photo session

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Fort Smith Child Photographer | Mini Me

As a Fort Smith child photographer, it is ironic that most of the time I forget to 1) take my children’s portraits, 2) edit them, and 3) post them on my blog. If you look, you won’t find many recent blog posts of my kids. Even this one is from a year-and-a-half ago. Sometimes the images of them get lost in the copious amounts of pictures I take and I forget about them. But occasionally I’ll dig through, find them, and attempt to get organized and work on some when I am able. It’s not much. Maybe one day I’ll even be on top of things enough to PRINT them! This is exactly why I sell prints to my clients and try to avoid digital images. It is too easy and tempting to set aside a CD and never pick it up again. Look at that sweet face! She deserves to be on a wall. Just like your babies do. (I tell my girls that it doesn’t matter how old they get, they will always be my babies.)

Fort Smith Child Photographer

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Fort Smith Wedding Photographer | Happy One Year, Tres+Chelsey

Happy One Year Anniversary to my brother and sis-in-law (a day late)!

I don’t usually present myself as a Fort Smith wedding photographer, but I have been doing more weddings lately and I am loving it!!

Although the first couple years of marriage are the “honeymoon phase,” it can still take some getting used to when your entire world changes. Suddenly it hits you. You aren’t a kid anymore. You are a real, actual adult. And you aren’t just living for yourself anymore. Now there are two people to please who each have thoughts, ideas, and expectations of their own and often they are not the same. I hope the two of you have spent this year learning and growing in each other and in yourselves. You will continue to learn and grow at least for the next ten. (That’s as far as I’ve gotten, so I can’t say for sure what happens after that!) On another note, I loved the personal touches they chose to add to their wedding decor; such as the empty shotgun shells in the mason jars. They go hunting together and they shot each of those shells themselves!

It’s been awhile, so in case you’d like to see another one of my favorites from this rustic country wedding, you can click here and see the before and after edit. Also, if you missed their engagement session post you can check it out, too!

fort smith wedding photographer at kindred barn
wedding dress detail shot
Wedding dress lain over a white armchair
macro image of wedding rings
groom with father

The next two images are probably my favorites ever!
Fort Smith wedding photographer captures first kiss of bride and groom
Fun poses after the ceremony can be great for releasing stress from the day!
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Fort Smith Senior Photographer | Vintage Vibes

Our neighbor parked this vintage VW bus in his field and I immediately started conjuring up ideas for a photo session with it. I wanted something with red, white, and blue. Something patriotic and with vintage vibes. After getting permission from him, I quickly put out a model call. I didn’t want it to go anywhere before my ideas came to fruition! I had several beautiful young ladies apply, but when I saw Miss M.’s flaming locks and killer smile, I knew she was the one for this. And

she NAILED it.

Wouldn’t you say? I LOVE the way they turned out! Months later and I am still in love with this entire session! Some are so good in both color and black and white I couldn’t choose! What do you think? Chime in in the comments and let me know your thoughts!

A random yet interesting tidbit of information: as I began to prepare this blog post earlier this week, my college courses started up again. I entered one particular classroom and it was already filled with about 40 students. I quickly picked an empty seat without notice of anyone around me. As the class went on, I casually glanced around the room to see if there was anyone I knew. I didn’t recognize anyone. At the end of class, I was packing my bag when this bright and beautiful face you see before you appeared at my desk. She had been sitting right behind me the entire time and I never noticed! I love coincidences!

To see another one of my favorites check this out!

Vintage Vibes
red, white, and blue
4th of July
Senior Photo with retro van and vintage vibes
Close up portrait of a senior girl
black & white of senior girl in field
Black & white photo of senior girl in field

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Angela - So vintage, how fun! Beautiful girl and great images!August 25, 2017 – 8:17 am

Amber - Perfect balance of color vs black and white! With that hair you had to have more in color!!!!August 25, 2017 – 8:36 am

McKenzie - Stunning!! I love everything about this session. Her hair, the van, the gorgeous light… everything!August 25, 2017 – 8:39 am

Jodi Major - What a beautiful young lady. I absolutely love the color of her hair. And this session. Gaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! <3August 25, 2017 – 9:15 am

Mariko - I’m jealous you got to use that VW bus. I love the images you were able to capture.August 25, 2017 – 9:46 am

tricia - stunning, love these!!!!!August 25, 2017 – 10:01 am

admin - Thank you!! Her hair is pretty amazing!August 25, 2017 – 10:06 am

admin - Thank you so much!!August 25, 2017 – 10:07 am

Dani - So fun! What a cool “prop” to work with!August 25, 2017 – 11:26 am

Fort Smith Senior Photographer | Prom Mini Session

Ok, so it wasn’t really a prom MINI session. I just could not stop photographing these two! On their own they are both too cute for words, but put them together and they are purely adorable. Miss C. has everything going for her. She’s beautiful, funny, has a great personality, and style that wows. Her dress was to die for! Oh, and did I mention she’s a skilled hunter, too?!

I loved this session so much! As with the last time I photographed Miss C. and her sister during their all-girl session, I was thrown into the future as I envisioned my own daughters getting ready for their dates to the prom. It was not an easy thing to imagine.

As chance would have it, she and Mr. D met after she was in a bad car accident. Thank God she was okay. But they may never have met otherwise. God works in mysterious ways indeed. I am so thankful to have been a part of this special day for them!

Image of High boyfriend and girlfriend dressed for prom.
High school sweethearts posing for prom mini session
Two images of high school sweethearts dressed for prom.
Two images of prom hair updo.
high school sweethearts have their prom photo session at a barn.
Fort Smith senior photography, boyfriend and girlfriend ready for prom
Senior Photographer has mini prom session with high school sweethearts.
Two images of high school sweet hearts during their prom mini session.
Image of High School sweethearts dressed for prom.
Prom-clad high school sweethearts posing for photo session


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Ivory - Awesome images and I am totally in love with her dress, it’s so different from what I normally see.August 11, 2017 – 10:13 am

Katy - These are so sweet!! I don’t know their story but you sure made them look in love.August 11, 2017 – 10:32 am

Nicole - These are so sweet!!! I love her dress!!!August 13, 2017 – 8:25 pm

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